Components and Modules

The JetINX™ Printhead Drive and Ink Recirculation System allows integrators to quickly develop complete printing systems. It provides a cost effective and powerful option to integrators deploying industrial and specialty inkjet printing systems. The ink recirculation module provides precise control of fluid temperatures and flow rates, and can be fine-tuned for use with a wide range of inks. Each module can support either 1, 2 or 3 printheads and can be positioned over the printheads along with the associated control boards, allowing compact and simplified system integration.

System Features:

  • Precise control of ink temperature and flow rates
  • Standby “hold” feature for no loss of ink during startup and shutdown
  • Autonomous operation allows operation without PC control
  • Soft startup eliminates problems with ink foaming
  • Each ink module can support 1, 2 or 3 printheads
  • Standard system is scalable up to 8 ink modules and 16 printheads
  • Ink control and printing software runs on a standard Windows based PC


Ink Recirculation Subsystem
Xaar Printhead
Xaar 1002 Printhead Drive Subsystem
Bulk Ink Subsystem