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Rapid-response, service-support. Cross-platform support is a part of the INX Digital package. This includes equipment parts as well as specialists who can service many printer makes and models. With an unsurpassed Global Dealer Network offering full technical training and local technical support to customers, INX Digital redefines “value added.” INX Digital has broken down its main support system into four segments: Field Service, Head Cleaning, Color Management, and Printer Conversions.

Ink Conversions

On-site technicians are available to perform ink conversions to TRIANGLE® brand ink. This process includes benchmarking the printer prior to the ink conversion and removal of old ink, installation of TRIANGLE® ink and post-conversion proof prints. The ink train preparation will include a liter change and flushing of integral components to optimize installation of TRIANGLE® ink. The conversion may also include light maintenance and mechanical adjustments if needed. The conversion process requires a minimum two-day onsite technical visit by a qualified/authorized TRIANGLE® technician.


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Print Head Cleaning

INX Digital is employing a new, patent-pending cleaning technology, offering an effective solution for solvent and UV curable print heads with obstructed nozzles and restricted ow. This advance in print head cleaning, available for virtually all print head types, translates to major savings for digital print operations. This service is designed for industrial print heads such as: Xaar® 1001™ and 1002™, Konica Minolta® 512 and 1028, Dimatix® (formally Spectra®) and QS print heads. This service is not suitable for disposable-type print heads such as Xaar® 128/126™ and Epson®. For more information on our print head cleaning services please email:

Color Management

More than just ink. INX Digital continues to strive to meet the demands of the market when formulating our TRIANGLE® inks. In some cases color compatibility is a must whereas in other situations formulas with greater color gamut compared to the OEM’s are requested. Application-savvy INX Digital people not only know digital inks, but also the nuances of different equipment-crucial know-how that helps operators achieve color quality and consistency, and get jobs out the door. Our technicians are happy to provide assistance with ICC profile generation, creation of custom color profiles, or even provide a full color-management training program for large printing operations.


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