Just as every print shop is unique in their set up, every printer is slightly different from the other. For this reason, INX Digital offers to create custom profiles for our customers’ various needs.

Color Management

More than just ink. INX Digital continues to strive to meet the demands of the market when formulating our TRIANGLE® inks. In some cases color compatibility is a must whereas in other situations formulas with greater color gamut compared to the OEM’s are requested. Application-savvy INX Digital people not only know digital inks, but also the nuances of different equipment-crucial know-how that helps operators achieve color quality and consistency, and get jobs out the door. Our technicians are happy to provide assistance with ICC prole generation, creation of custom color profiles, or even provide a full color-management training program for large printing operations.


With certified IDEAlliance G7experts on staff, INX has the knowledge and technical resources to help our print partners achieve G7 Master Printer Certification. It’s a critical component of brand color management and can bring color consistency across multiple platforms virtually around the world.

G7 is an international standard for calibrating printing presses and the proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. G7 is managed by and is a registered trademark of IDEAlliance, a not for profit association.

G7 Master Printer certification is a sought after recognition of excellence in printing. This achievement allows for color consistency across multiple platforms, in various geographic regions and is a critical component of brand color management.


Color Profile Resources

For more information on Managing Color in a workflow environment visit to download our profile packages. Visit SmartINX