Leading the way with new, advanced inks to match virtually every OEM printer and print head type, an unsurpassed Global Dealer Network offering full technical training and local technical support to all customers, TRIANGLE® redefines “value added.” Whether you are looking for UV curable, solvent or aqueous inks, bulk ink delivery systems or liquid laminates, TRIANGLE® has a money saving solution to meet your needs.

Global Capabilities, Local Solutions

With sales offices and manufacturing on three continents, INX Digital delivers TRIANGLE® ink around the world. Our partners reach the doorsteps of print shops globally. As we continue to increase our market share, TRIANGLE® continues to be synonymous with quality and innovation.


Changeovers to TRIANGLE® branded products are made easy with our chemically compatible products. We have developed an extensive series of tests to assure that our products are forward compatible (our cartridge being inserted after the OEM) and backward compatible (the OEM ink reloaded over our ink). This allows our users to break free from OEM inks with a reduced risk.



TRIANGLE® has set a new standard for color compatibility with OEM profiles, continually launching morecolor compatible inks. When you see our color compatible logo on our product you can feel at ease when changing to a TRIANGLE® product.



Outdoor durability for the purpose of this statement is defined as no appreciablevisual deterioration of the printed image when viewed from its intended viewing distance. TRIANGLE®’S premier outdoor durability inks are designed to withstand outdoor exposure for up to two years and are backed by our original Worldwide Outdoor Durability Warranty for TRIANGLE® inks. See warranty for complete details.


Tech Support

Rapid-response, service-support. Cross-platform support is a part of the INX Digital package. This includes equipment parts as well as specialists who can service many printer makes and models. With an unsurpassed Global Dealer Network offering full technical training and local technical support to customers, INX Digital redefines “value added.” INX Digital has broken down its main support system into four segments: Field Service, Head Cleaning, Color Management, and Printer Conversions.